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Mehr! Entertainment Musicals


Welcome to the ultimate musical: Over 28 years, STARLIGHT EXPRESS in Bochum has had an audience of over 16 million visitors – making the high-speed production, which is even in the Guinness Book of Records, the world’s most successful musical! The theater, built specially for the spectacular show, allows the audience to get up close and personal when the performers dash over the stage – and through the auditorium – and move and delight with stirring ballades and catchy songs.

Visitors experience a story in a dream-like setting: Stars are twinkling; it’s the night of the steam train world championship! The trains are all there to compete – but only one can be the winner … Daredevil roller-skating stunts and acrobatic interludes performed at over 60 kilometres an hour make STARLIGHT EXPRESS a unique experience for the whole family!

SHREK - The Musical

Young and old all over the world love the stirring story about the daredevil ogre SHREK and his beloved princess Fiona. The film became cult and New York, Rio de Janeiro and London saw the musical became a vast success in no time.

49 1/2 SHADES! The Musical Parody

A juicy topic, a bestselling novel and the story of three captivating book club ladies on a musical stage – welcome to the side-splittingly funny musical parody 49 1/2 SHADES! by Gerburg Jahnke. However, if one expects to see the novel live on stage, he is mistaken. The darkly erotic plot of the novel gives way to a hilarious production in true Jahnke style: three women – who all have adorable quirks and varying experiences – decide to read “Shades of Grey” together and animatedly follow how the young, naïve and female student falls for the successful and handsome businessman with his preference for unconventional, sexual practices.

Spicy ambiguities, clear statements, emotional ballads, sweeping rock’n’roll, hot dancing scenes and an ensemble taking on every topic without shame but never forgetting to wink – that’s 49 1/2 SHADES! The Musical Parody.


The Original Live On Tour

DIRTY DANCING is one of the most exciting dance movies of all times and to this day the stage version attracted over 6 m. guests worldwide. From April 2014 to August 2015, the successful stage show was on a major tour of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with a new production. DIRTY DANCING is a crowd-puller: the shows in London’s West End were sold out to the very last seat for months in a row and the production in Hamburg (March 2006 to June 2008) sold more tickets before its premiere than any other show in Germany before.

In addition to the original songs from the movie “Time Of My Life”, “Hungry Eyes” and “Do You Love Me”, several new tracks accompany the famous love story of charismatic dancer Johnny Castle and naïve teenager Frances “Baby” Houseman. Live on stage, dancing teachers, waiters and animators sexily shake their hips every night to Mambo, Merengue and Cuban Rhythms. Moments full of heartbeat music wake every guest’s memory of their first true love and make DIRTY DANCING – THE ORIGINAL LIVE ON TOUR a one-of-a-kind live experience.


Pictures in motion, breathtakingly beautiful and magical

BOTANICA, the latest stage event by the renowned American dance illusionist Moses Pendleton! The modern dance company MOMIX enchants young and old with artful surrealistic pictures for which nature was the inspiration. Costumes and stage decorations present themselves in extraordinary colour and humour.

This show is always an eye and ear catcher: Exceptional choreography is paired with sound from bird tweeting to Vivaldi.

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Mehr-BB Entertainment ROCKS!

Ma.s.s. concerts & promotion gmbh has been part of the Mehr-BB Entertainment family since January 2013. Since its founding 26 years ago in Hamburg, the firm has steadily grown and has established itself in the German market.

Along side its core business in the field of rock and pop, a.s.s. concerts & promotion today also owns the indie section, selective artists, the metal section, Dragon Productions, as well as the gala and event section, K-Musix.

With some 30 employees, around 1,200 concerts are organized annually with nationally and internationally known acts like Tina Dico, Medina, Naturally7, Cassandra Steen, and Juli und Glasperlenspiel. a.s.s. has also made itself a name as an agent for well-known artists; among them, Heaven17 and Alphaville. The focus of the daily work is on the promotion of nationally and internationally known artists. These activities are continually expanded within Mehr-BB Entertainment through multi-dimensional, shared know-how. An artist’s potential is recognized early on, further developed and its growth promoted.

Since the summer of 2014, the portfolio of tour promoter has been expanded by a new field with the addition of Mehr! Classic. The goal is to give the presentation of classical music a new vitality and attract a broader public through thematically conceived concert performances.