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We Rock!

a.s.s. concerts & promotion gmbh has been part of the Mehr! Entertainment family since January 2013. Since its founding 26 years ago in Hamburg, the firm has steadily grown and has established itself in the German market.

Along side its core business in the field of rock and pop, a.s.s. concerts & promotion today also owns the indie section, selective artists, the metal section, Dragon Productions, as well as the gala and event section, K-Musix.
With some 30 employees, around 1,200 concerts are organized annually with nationally and internationally known acts like Tina Dico, Medina, Naturally7, Cassandra Steen, and Juli und Glasperlenspiel. a.s.s. has also made itself a name as an agent for well-known artists; among them, Heaven17 and Alphaville.

The focus of the daily work is on the promotion of nationally and internationally known artists. These activities are continually expanded within Mehr! Entertainment through multi-dimensional, shared know-how. An artist’s potential is recognized early on, further developed and its growth promoted.

Since the summer of 2014, the portfolio of tour promoter has been expanded by a new field with the addition of Mehr! Classic. The goal is to give the presentation of classical music a new vitality and attract a broader public through thematically conceived concert performances.

Your a.s.s. concerts & promotion Team