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A special venue for a special occasion:

Our venues are extraordinary event locations


Mehr! Events is your professional partner for organizing splendid events in one of the seven theaters of the Mehr! Entertainment group. Our experienced team of eventmanagers will help you to create a perfect setting for conferences, presentations, receptions, galadinners and lavish celebrations.


Our stylish venues are located in the heart of all the major metropoles of the north of germany: be it Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Duisburg or Bochum - the theaters of the Mehr! Entertainment always provide a unique place to be to stage extraordinary experiences. 

We have a clear focus on your audience and goals and can supply upon request everything from technical equipment to decorations, and even a customized show-highlight: In cooperation with our esteemed colleagues from Mehr! Creative we can also provide the support of renowned specialist in the field of creating a dramaturgical arc for your event as well as developing shows, perfectly suited to your message.


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