Mehr! Productions


Dream Factory and Reality

To us, nothing is impossible – our question is how to make it possible!

Mehr! Productions filters creative ideas and takes a hard look at the viability, market relevance, and sustainability of each new production. At the same time, we are responsible for the strategic development and final production. All organizational, budgetary, and technical processes are coordinated between departments, beginning with budget, size, cast, and stage design to the creative conceptualization and scale of the production.

Always driven by the desire to bring new and exciting productions onto the market, the producers’ visions are given shape and brought to life. A timely story, authentic characters, moving music, hard work, and flexibility are only a few of the ingredients of a successful production. Our strength lies in our overall expertise. The goal is an economically successful production of high artistic quality that stirs the emotions and takes our audiences on a fantastic journey.


Your Mehr! Productions Team