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SHREK – Das Musical

DIRTY DANCING – Das Original Live On Tour

DIRTY DANCING is one of the most exciting dance films of all time. The stage version of the hit movie has also already thrilled over six million theatergoers worldwide. Performances were sold out every night for months in London’s West End. From April 2014 to August 2015, the successful stage show was on a major tour of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with a new production.

Along with the original songs from the film like “Time Of My Life,” “Hungry Eyes,” and “Do You Love Me,” there are many other songs highlighting the world renown love story between Johnny and “Baby.”

Moments filled with heart-throbbing music stir up memories of young love in each member of the audience and make DIRTY DANCING – Das Original Live On Tour an unparalleled live experience.

LSO Eröffnungskonzert Hamburg


Grand Opening Concert with the London Symphony Orchestra

After 15 months of construction work, Mehr! Entertainment opened the new Mehr! Theater am Grossmarkt in Hamburg with a very special highlight. On March 7, 2015, the London Symphony Orchestra, one of the world’s most renowned orchestras, musically inaugurated the new theater in the heritage-protected wholesale market hall.

The soloist that evening was the Russian-Israeli pianist Roman Zaslavsky, a virtuoso of piano techniques and a sensitive fashioner of nuances. Conducting the opening concert was the internationally renowned conductor, Gianandrea Noseda, one of the most sought-after conductors of our time. On the program were Tchaikovsky’s famous piano concerto No. 1 and Shostakovich’s 5th symphony.

The very first 2,400 concert-goers in the new cultural venue ended the evening beneath a shower of gold glitter and with standing ovations.

SHREK – Das Musical

SHREK – The Musical

SThe films about the unlikely hero, Shrek the ogre, and his princess, Fiona, have thrilled millions.

Now the musical is taking the hearts of audiences by storm. After New York and London, SHREK – Das Musical celebrated its German-language premiere in October 2014 in Düsseldorf.

With humor galore, sensational costumes, fantastic music, and rousing dance numbers, DreamWorks Theatricals’ stage production brings the characters from the blockbuster movie to life and makes for a boldly cheeky but lighthearted show experience for all.

SHREK – Das Musical toured through Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the spring of 2015.

49½ SHADES! Die Musical Parodie


Whip meets funny bone is the word for the Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf in February 2014.

The audience was captivated at the German premiere. A hot subject, a hit novel that sold over 70 million copies worldwide, and a story of three gorgeous book club ladies on a musical stage – that is the knee-slapping, uproariously funny musical parody by Gerburg Jahnke.

Those expecting the novel live on stage were grievously mistaken.
Explicitly meant double entendres, sentimental ballads, rousing rock ‘n’ roll, sizzling dance scenes, and a cast that takes on any subject without a shade of embarrassment, all the while with tongue firmly in cheek – that is 49 ½ SHADES! The Musical Parody.



Moses Pendleton is one of the most innovative American choreographs of the past decades. Mehr! Entertainment first sent this exceptional artist and his Modern Dance Company MOMIX on tour through Germany and Austria from December 2013 to March 2014.

MOMIX’s BOTANICA is a unique show experience, a danced declaration of love to the rhythm of nature over the course of the seasons. BOTANICA makes flowers bloom, jellyfish glide in the ocean, and birds flutter through the air. The effects are imaginative, deceive the eye, and are mesmeric. Behind it all is the extreme physical labor of precision acrobatics. At the same time, the dancers convey a floating ease and elegance.

MOMIX BOTANICA creates unique and fantastic images with stage decorations and costumes that are an amazing blaze of color and imagination.

Hape Kerkelings KEIN PARDON

Hape Kerkelings KEIN PARDON

From November 2011 to December 2012, audiences left the Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf with sides aching from laughter after having been spirited away into the glitter and glamour of the world of television by Hape Kerkeling’s KEIN PARDON.

The theme of the charming musical comedy was that each person has a dream. Woe be unto him who doesn’t fulfill it, because fate makes no exceptions! This is what the inept, but lovable, Peter Schlönzke, the scion of a likeable Ruhrpott family, discovers as the audience accompanies him on his way from canapé delivery boy to the big stage.

The high-caliber creative team of this in-house production and celebrated world premiere consisted of, among others, Hape Kerkeling, Thomas Hermanns, Alex Balga, and Achim Hagemann. The role of the famous-infamous show master Heinz Wäscher was portrayed, after the untimely passing of the unforgettable Dirk Bach, by Thomas Hermanns, Achim Mentzel, Roberto Blanco, and Tetje Mierendorf. Never before has a musical brought together so many A-list German celebrities.
Cats - Das Musical


Over a period of 30 months and in upwards of 1,000 performances, the original London production of the musical classic, CATS, captivated audiences on its grand tour through German-speaking cities.

The tour of the world hit musical in its own, specially designed CATS theater tent celebrated its premiere on December 28, 2010, on Heiligengeistfeld field in Hamburg and the final curtain fell triumphantly on June 16, 2013, in Graz.
That's Life


Dinner and musical theater made for pure enjoyment in the Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf!
The recipe: take one fantastic celebrity chef, season with three excellent musical stars, and round it all off with a saucy story and a proper dash of show program - and, voilá, you have a first-class dinner show!

THAT’S LIFE! is the name of the unique concept that, in the winter months of 2009/2010, exquisitely combined an exclusive theater visit to the Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf with a culinary experience.

Both gourmets and culture aficionados alike were able to revel in a very special evening of total enjoyment. Celebrity chef Alfons Schuhbeck served up his latest, choice dinner combination while the three musical stars on hand, Sabine Mayer, Sabrina Weckerlin, and Nigel Casey, presented an amusing story full of surprises, intrigue, and sex & crime.
Monty Python's SPAMALOT

Monty Python‘s SPAMALOT

From its celebrated Germany premiere in January up until the brilliant finale in September 2009, the endearingly blundering Knights of the Round Table eagerly set about their quest for the Holy Grail in the Musical Dome in Cologne.

The extraordinary comedy spectacle not only re-imagines the legendary story of King Arthur very loosely with typical Monty Python humor but is also peppered with a fine helping of marvelously catchy songs. The off-beat sketches and the iconic gags that made the comedy group, Monty Python, world famous kept the audiences not only entertained but in stitches.

Audiences always left the theater happy and in high spirits, exuberantly whistling the now classic song, “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.” SPAMALOT had everything it takes to make a fantastic musical production: exciting music, brilliant dance scenes, a romantic love story, as well as charm and humor. Superb entertainment for the whole family!
Last Christmas - Dinner & Show


Guests at the musical dinner theater, LAST CHRISTMAS, in the Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf in the winter of 2008 were able to enjoy the show with all their physical senses. The extraordinary evening combined entertainment with culinary delights, thus offering the audience members a double treat.

Sabine Mayer and Nigel Casey presented the guests with a select musical program that brought together timeless musical theater melodies, popular swing classics, as well as current pop hits, ably accompanied by pianist Heribert Feckler and his band.

Woven into an amusing love story were songs by Roger Cicero, The Supremes, and Frank Sinatra, as well as hits from the musicals GREASE and DIRTY DANCING. Naturally, the world-famous song that gave the evening its name, “Last Christmas,” wasn’t left out. The culinary portion of the evening was provided by a three-course meal created by celebrity chef Alfons Schuhbeck to suit the wintry season.



The male dream come true: erotic, mysterious, wanton, and, above all, available, for a price – Rosemarie Nitribitt.

Germany’s most famous high-class call girl at the end of the 1950s had prominent politicians and captains of industry standing in line, panting for her services. Her glamorous life caught the imagination of the nation and her mysterious death dominated the headlines for weeks. But Rosemarie’s murderer was never caught, the baffling murder case never solved.

Postwar Germany’s first major society scandal was presented as a musical, DAS MÄDCHEN ROSEMARIE, from January to May 2004 in the Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf. The show was based on the novel by Erich Kuby and produced for the stage by the theater, where it celebrated its acclaimed world premiere in the club’s intimate atmosphere.
Tonight - Dinner & Show


“Tonight” - this world famous song from WEST SIDE STORY gave an extraordinary evening in Capitol Theater its name. For it was there, in the winter of 2004 and 2010/2011, that the musical dinner theater TONIGHT dished up a very special fusion of music and fine food for the discerning public.

Anna Montanaro and Nigel Casey presented everything from timeless musical theater melodies and French chansons to the latest chart hits in their very own personal samplings of diverse musical styles. Included in the program were swing classics like Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” and “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” as well as medleys from MOULIN ROUGE And WEST SIDE STORY. And, of course, the two artists were not about to leave out the unforgettable song, “Cabaret” or beloved Christmas compositions like “Jingle Bells” and “White Christmas”.

Along with the musical highlights, the guests could also look forward to an exquisite three-course dinner especially created by the renowned and award-winning Michelin star chef, Alfons Schuhbeck.


Glamour and goose bumps were guaranteed in Cologne’s Musical Dome from March 2003 to April 2004. An international masterpiece of the musical theater, one chosen as Best Musical of the Year 2002 by the magazine musicals, had come to the Rhineland, JEKYLL & HYDE.

The musical, adapted from the novella by Robert Lewis Stevenson, tells the story of the physician, Dr. Henry Jekyll, who is desperately searching for a drug against mental illness. A dangerous, self-administered experiment turns the good-hearted doctor into the volatile creature, Edward Hyde. From this point on, two souls rule his life. While Jekyll alleviates misery and worships his charming fiancée, Lisa, Hyde takes deadly revenge on his adversaries and is seduced by the beautiful Lucy ...

Sophisticated stage technology, spectacular special effects, as well as elaborate light and sound design made a cinematic narrative structure possible and, with opulent scenery und fascinating costumes, created using historical clothing as models, transported the audiences into 19th century London and an extraordinary and enjoyable musical experience.


After its world premiere on March 3, 2002, in Düsseldorf’s Capitol Theater, the action-packed in-house production, MIAMI NIGHTS, developed into a cult musical and turned out to be a verifiable audience favorite—proof of the slogan: The rhythm is gonna get you!

The idea for the 80s hit musical originated with Alex Balga, who later also directed the play. It tells the turbulent love story of the American competition dancer Jimmy and his Cuban girlfriend, Laura - and does it in a fast tempo with a lot of spirit and a generous portion of charm.
The award-winning dance musical celebrated the pastel candy-colored decade of the 1980s in the seething metropolis of Miami with world famous hits by Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, George Michael, David Bowie, and the legendary salsa rhythms of Gloria Estefan.

After it farewell from Düsseldorf in 2004, MIAMI NIGHTS went on tour, thrilling audiences in Zurich, Berlin, and elsewhere, before the exciting show returned for a guest performance in Capitol Theater in winter 2007/2008.



Düsseldorf audiences experienced the original Broadway production from September 2001 to January 2012 in the Capitol Theater and were hijacked by hot jazz, sexy dancers, and cold-blooded dames and taken for a ride back to Chicago in the 1920s. “Raise the curtains for the killer ladies.”

CHICAGO tells the story of Roxie Hart, a nightclub dancer who kills her lover and makes a career of it, of Billy Flynn, the amoral and publicity-seeking celebrity lawyer, and of Velma Kelly, the singing and dancing lady murderer with a sense for headlines and an eye for talent.

The musical, based on an real life story, is a satire of the media world and a fond look back at the great time of vaudeville. Composer John Kander and lyricist Fred Ebb are one of the most important and well-known musical theater writing teams and have been showered with awards for their work.


The musical success, CABARET, takes place right in the middle of the turbulent, free-wheeling Berlin of the Roaring Twenties. The new production that was presented in the Capitol Theater from December 4, 1999, to January 31, 2001, tells the story of the night club singer Sally Bowles and the dazzling Emcee.

The city throbs with life and amusement dispels grey reality—as it does in the Kit-Kat Club, where the night club singer Sally Bowles appears. It is there that she meets the American writer, Cliff Bradshaw, and a passionate love story develops between the two—but it is the onset of precarious times and the wonderful, carefree life in a cabaret with its addiction to pleasure is soon overshadowed by the looming threat of the ever more powerful Nazi movement.

Along side the sizzling cabaret scenes in the Kit-Kat Club, the tense atmosphere in Berlin during this turning point in history can be felt continually. Its one-of-a-kind composition of seriousness and entertainment make CABARET a special kind of musical experience.
Saturday Night Fever


A happy spirit, dance euphoria, and the flair of the 1970s made this spectacular dance musical an absolute hit with the public!

As a movie, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER was a blockbuster and made John Travolta a world star overnight—and the stage version of SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER was just as much a box-office triumph. After its premiere in September 1999 in Cologne’s Musical Dome, the musical with world famous Bee Gees hits like “Stayin’ Alive,” “Night Fever,” and “How Deep Is Your Love” fired up the dance fever in even the biggest party pooper.

After its run in Cologne, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER thrilled audiences in many other cities, including Hanover, Düsseldorf, Vienna, and Frankfurt. The stage show, which won the ZDF People’s Choice Award as Best Musical, tells the story of Tony Manero, who wants to escape from the New York suburb of Brooklyn and dreams of a better life at the side of a beautiful girl. Idolized as the Disco King, he lives out his dreams Saturday nights on the dance floor.


Vive la vie bohème! The musical, RENT, which is a loose adaptation of Puccini’s opera, La bohème, and celebrated its Broadway premiere in 1996, revolves around a group of friends and artists who live in New York’s East Village.

They are all searching. They are searching for affordable rents, creative inspiration, hope in the face of HIV infection, escape from addition, and a way to fulfill their dreams.

The story of RENT, brutal yet full of hope, not only won a Tony for Best Musical but also a Pulitzer Prize in the category Best Drama! Young, fresh, and simply different. The unique music, from rock numbers to pop ballads, the minimalist set designs, and themes that have lost none of their explosive nature all make RENT so special. RENT ran from February until May 1999 in the Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf.