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The Admiralspalast theater was built in the year 1911 as a multifunctional venue and still features three different stages for up to 200, 445 or 1.600 guests. Why not host your event in one of the most renowned cultural places in Germany's capital.

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Step inside and look around. Here you’ll find visual impressions of our house as a 360° panoramic view

Admiralspalast’s Majestic Auditorium, the Grand Hall. The Grand Hall, with its two balconies, its 450 square meter stage, and its massive chandelier, are the heart of the Admiralspalast. The Grand Hall is noteworthy for its versatility. Every form of event is conceivable there, from theater productions, symphony
concerts, and gala events to award ceremonies, receptions, balls, and special events. The parquet seating, mounted on air bearings, can disappear under the balcony, creating space for individual seating arrangements. Both the traditional and the modern are reflected in the open stairway that connects the balconies and historical foyers with each other, creating additional space. Our technical support team will gladly advise you so that each event is given the ideal setting with a professional staging of light and sound.

Foyers and Bars
. An impressive open stairway leads the guests to their seats and the historic-looking foyers on both balconies. The foyer bars offer an inviting place for conversation and refreshments before and during the performances. The foyers offer an ideal venue for both receptions and post-show events.

The Historical Inner Courtyard. The historical building’s inner courtyard provides access to the various venues. There are no limits to the variety of its uses. The inner courtyard can serve as a festive red carpet zone for premiers or a venue for award presentation ceremonies. It is also possible to stage a public viewing here – in the middle of Berlin and yet in an intimate atmosphere. A mobile bar is available for snacks and beverages.


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The Admiralspalast was constructed in 1910 on Friedrichstrasse and opened in 1911 as a venue with a variety of entertainment opportunities: it featured an ice palace, a public bath, a cinema, a restaurant and a bowling alley. With this wide range of cultural and recreational offerings, it became one of Berlin’s most popular amusement sites. In the beginning of the 1920s, it was first turned into a varieté theater, and then, during the Nazi period, transformed into a regular theater where especially operettas was presented. In World War II the Admiralspalast was not damaged, despite being in nearest proximity to the central train station and the general devestation of Berlin. After the war the Friedrichstraße was part of the Russian sector of Berlin and therefore the Admiralspalast under the government of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Admiralspalast gained historical significance as the main political party of the GDR was founded in its auditorium. After the German reunification in 1990 several approaches of reestablishing the theater failed. It was not until its spectacular reopening in 2006, that the venue, with its rich tradition and historically significant location in the heart of Berlin, has once again become one of the leading cultural hot spots of the nation’s capital. Since 2011 the Mehr! Entertainment group as one of the leading providers of entertainment concepts in the German speaking market is the new operator of the Admiralspalast.


Turtle Entertainment, Vainglory European Championships

Campus99 GmbH, 99 Firefilm Awards (seit 2008)

Quadriga Media, Nacht der Personaler und Speaker’s Night

Stylight, Fashion Influencer Awards

Helmchen Events, Marcel Ostertag Fashion Show

Schrenk+Schrenk, Filmpremiere von „Behind the Candelabra“

Strategic Management Society, Galaabend

Spreegold, Galaabend

FTWild, Galaabend

conference&touring, Konferenz

Deutsche Bahn, Konferenz

Medienplayer, Konferenz

Rundschau für den Lebensmittelhandel, Konferenz

East End Communications, Produktpräsentation

Laboratoire Biosthetique, Produktpräsentation

VICE Media, Dreharbeiten Kurzfilm

Four Music / Universal Music, Dreharbeiten Musikvideo

Sumo Films, Dreharbeiten Dokumentation

Kunde&Co., Dreharbeiten Werbefilm

Flying Steps, Dreharbeiten Präsentation

Molly Aida Films, Dreharbeiten

Admiralspalast Berlin

Take a magic carpet ride through our grand auditorium from our stage to our emperor's box.

Admiralspalast Berlin

Beautiful impressions from the Stylight Fashion Influencer Awards 2016 at Admiralspalast.

Our History

The Admiralspalast can look back on more than one hundred years of moving history, coined by different cultural influences and historical developments. 

Whether as an Eisarena, Revuetheater or Operettenhaus – the Admiralspalast stood and stands always synonymously for the cultural and amusement frenzy of Berlin.

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In 1873, an artesian salt water spring is uncovered by chance in the middle of downtown Berlin during construction work at Friedrichstrasse 101/ 102, the grounds of the former Admiral’s Quarters. With its opening, the Admiralsgartenbad becomes one of Berlin’s first public baths. It is built by the architects Kyllmann and Heyden, who found a company specifically for the purpose, the Admiralsgartenbad Aktiengesellschaft.

1889/ 1890 The Admiralsgartenbad is expanded into a three-story bath facility designed by the government architect J. Gause. With its remodeling, the bath boasts being “Europe’s most modern” and one of the first in Berlin.

After the Admiralsgartenbad is pulled down and a new building raised on the Friedrichstrasse 101 property, the Admiralspalast opens on April 20 as a “new, cosmopolitan etablissement.” Beneath the roof of the Admiralspalast – one of the very first amusement palaces – are now an ice skating rink, the 2,600 sq. meter exclusive Russian-Roman luxury thermal baths, opened day and night, a Roman café, four bowling alleys, and a plush cinema. Ice hockey games and boxing matches are also held in the great hall.

The Admiralspalast is the world’s only ice palace. 

Conversion to“world vaudeville” in Art Déco style, designed by Oskar Kaufmann and Richard Wolffenstein.

The operetta director Herrmann Haller is named the new director. The theater is remodeled as a revue theater and is given the name “Theater im Admiralspalast.”

Fusion with the Metropoltheater in Behrenstrasse (today the home of the Komische Oper) under Heinz Hentschke.

By order of Reichsminister Goebbels, remodeling of the theater into a “festively appealing recreation center” begins on December 20.

A “Führer’s loge” is built into the center of the first balcony. 

On September 1, all Berlin theaters are closed by order of the NSDAP due to the declaration of “total war.” 

The “Deutsche Staatsoper” moves into the Palast and uses it as an interim location until 1955. On August 23, the first season is opened with a gala concert.

During the “Party Union Congress” from April 21 – 22, the German Communist Party and the Socialist Democratic Party are forcibly merged to make the SED. The handshake between Otto Grotewohl and Wilhelm Pieck takes place in the Grand Hall.

Yehudi Menuhin plays Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde on October 3 in the Grand Hall.

Bertolt Brecht participates with Helene Weigel in a peace rally in the Admiralspalast sponsored by the Cultural Association of the GDR.

With a formal ceremony in the Admiralspalast on March 24, the GDR founds the German Academy of Arts (DAK) in East Berlin.

1953 The cabaret “Die Distel” is opened in the former casino/cinema in the front house of the Admiralspalast.

On December 21, the “METROPOL-Theater im Admiralspalast” is opened with Johann Strauss’ operetta Die Fledermaus. Besides classic operettas, the operetta and musical theater presents Broadway musicals.
The GDR ”Presse-Café” is installed in the Admiralspalast’s front building. It becomes the place for the GDR’s bohemia to meet. 

The Admiralspalast is entered in the GDR’s list of monuments as the site of the founding of the SED.

The Admiralspalast is on the city senate’s “liquidation list.” The city wants to quickly lower its subsidy payments. The Admiralspalast is included in the pan-German list of protected monuments.

The state-owned Metropoltheater is converted into the private “Metropol-Theater Betriebsgesellschaft GmbH” with René Kollo as general director.

On July 31, the “METROPOL-Theater im Admiralspalast” closes and, with it, a part of Berlin’s history. 

Peter Bejach, former director of the Dresden State Operetta, starts an initiative to again revive the Admiralspalast, which fails due to insufficient funds. A new investor is sought.

Stage Holding signs a sales contract as the new investor.

The city senate decides to preserve the building complex as a cultural site.

In July, Falk Walter, the operator of arena Berlin, together with four other associates, acquires the building from the State of Berlin’s property portfolio in competitive bidding.

Following restoration that preserved the historic nature of the building, the new Admiralspalast Theater reopens on August 11, 2006, with the premiere of The Three Penny Opera. Shortly thereafter, Admiralspalast Studio and the concert and gallery rooms 101 are inaugurated. Further highlights are the celebrated Jan Delay concert, STOMP, and the various productions of the theater company, Familie Flöz.

Max Raabe’s Palastrevue and Helge Schneider appear for the first time in the house to great acclaim, as do the Radio Fritz Nacht der Talente, the slam poetry show, Lokalrunde, and the improv theater, Theatersport Berlin. The long-running comedy, CAVEWOMAN, celebrates its premiere in the house, The Bar at Buena Vista delights audiences with Cuban rhythms, the Kästner reading, Als ich ein kleiner Junge war (When I Was a Little Boy) leaves audiences touched, and Jopi Heesters captivates the illustrious throng of invited guests on his 104th birthday with a medley of his greatest hits. 

Slava’s Snowshow and The Little Prince charm both young and old with poetic imagery. Swing Royal instantly becomes a must-see for both rockabillies and swing fans. Ute Lemper and Meret Becker bring the feeling of authentic cabaret to the Admiralspalast stage. My Fair Lady becomes another self-produced hit. The Rocky Horror Show attracts the city’s most oddball characters to the house. Rufus Wainwright, Shantel, Thomas D, and Death Cab For Cutie provide the concert highlights of the year. 

The 100 dancers and performers in Swan Lake wow audiences with their power and poetry. A number of comedians and cabaret artists like Cindy aus Marzahn, Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen, and Volker Pispers grace the house’s stage, and The Producers – Springtime for Hitler, the funniest musical of all time, is finally brought to Germany. Other musical highlights include Antony & The Johnsons, die R’n'R-Jungspunde Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Götz Alsmann, and Gayle Tufts.

Rainald Grebe returns to the house with a new show as do Kurt Krömer and Otto. Ulrich Tukur rhapsodizes about the night, Randy Newman etches out life in song, and Derj Tankian presents symphonic works.
The current operators, Admiralspalast Produktions GmbH, are forced to declare bankruptcy. 

Following a transition period, the entertainment group located in Düsseldorf, Mehr-BB Entertainment, takes over of the Admiralspalast, thus launching a new era for the historic building. The original concept of a “department store of amusements” is revisited and brought forward into the 21st century with verve, elegance, and passion.

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