49½ SHADES! Die Musical Parodie

49½ SHADES! The Musical Parody

Cheerfully subversiveA hot topic, a successful novel and three adorable ladies of a book club on a musical stage, that can only be the side-splittingly funny parody 49½ SHADES! from Gerburg Jahnke. If one expects to see the bestselling novel “Shades of Grey” live on stage, he is mistaken. The darkly erotic plot of the novel gives way to a hilarious, Jahnke typical production which promises a laugh-out-loud night.

The story. Three women, with endearing obsessions and different experiences, follow with excitement by reading the book how the young, naïve and female student fall for the successful and handsome businessman with his preference for unconventional, sexual practices …

Hilariously funnySpicy ambiguities, straight statements, emotional ballads, sweeping rock’n’roll, hot dancing scenes and an ensemble taking on every topic without shame but never forgetting to wink – that’s 49½ SHADES! – The Musical Parody

On the 16 February 2014 the musical parody "49 ½ SHADES!" celebrated  a enthusiastic premiere at the Capitol Theater Dusseldorf. The  audience, including many celebrities, had plenty of fun with the show. There were many laughs, spontaneous jubilation outbreaks and standing ovations.

Our video

The absolute highlights of our musical parody in just two minutes. Don't miss to watch our video.

Playing schedule


13.02.2014 – 23.03.2014
Capitol Theater Düsseldorf

09.04.2014 – 04.05.2014
MAAG Halle Zürich

05.06.2014 – 26.07.2014
St. Pauli Theater Hamburg


What Gerburg Jahnke says:

"You don’t need to read the book to have a stimulating evening with this show. It’s like a new drink: If you don’t know it yet, you’ll enjoy it surprised; if you know it, you look forward to it!”



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The recommended age for this musical is 17 and over.

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