I am young. And I am rich, VERY rich. And, by the way, also VERY successful. Whoever meets me for the first time is experiencing something totally original. But don’t be frightened. I don’t bite – at least not that hard.
My mother died. I was adopted and was sent to a very expensive, very Catholic boys’ boarding school.
Today I have very expensive (have I mentioned that I am rich and successful?) and engrossing hobbies. I love beautiful things.
Many claim I am a difficult person. But I only have one dark side. Very, very dark. It’s hard to explain. It has something to do with my childhood.
If it doesn’t kill us, it makes us stronger! And that is how I became what I am today. You’ll get no caressing and cuddling from me. And I can’t stand it when some one touches me.  

If a woman wants to stay with me—I mean for more than one night—then she has to change a couple of things about herself; inside, outside, and in-between—her whole life. She has to reinvent herself.
Perhaps I am a little unusual in the way I love. I abduct the woman of my inclination into the dark recesses of my wildest dreams.
I awaken her lusts, inflame her burning desires, and unleash raging passion.

I am Christian Grey.
I am young. I am rich. I am very successful. In every way. 

Domizil von Christian Grey

Do you want to see my home?

Christian Greys ties

Ladies, my ties.
Captivating, right?


Aphrodisiac: Allegedly, there are drugs that stimulate or increase sexual desire. Believe me, you don’t need them with me.

BDSM: Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, Sadism & Masochism. Have I aroused your interest?

Blindfolds: You won’t see me, but you will feel me. And this, I promise you, will be more than enough for you.

Bondage: Why do you think my favorite accessory is a tie?

Captive: Another nice game. I limit your ability to move with ropes, chains, or just simply a tie.

Collar: I can easily picture you with jewelry around your delicate neck and perhaps also a matching leash. Yes, I’d rather like that.

C6: If I happen not to be with you, I can still abduct you into a virtual world, where we can have endless cybersex.

Darkroom/Redroom: I have a room that I have furnished especially for you. We can have fun there and do things that you could never imagine, not even in your wildest dreams. Just wait!

Deprivation (sensual): Did you know that when I deprive you of your senses with a blindfold and earplugs, you sense everything else even more intensely?
Dev (devote)/servile:
Are you ready to obey? Sit!   

Discipline: Precisely what I’ll teach you!

Dom (domination)/dominant: Do what I tell you and we will both be happy.  And now, SIT!  

Dress code:
Some good advice: dress warmly! Better yet, forget that. I’ll lay out something suitable for you and you will wear it.

Gag: You are naughty and impudent? If I were you, I would rethink that.

Punishment: You don’t want to listen? Do I have to get my whip?

S/M:  Sadomasochism. But you knew that, didn’t you?

Serva/servant: Can you serve me, obey me, and fulfill my every wish?

Session: I already have some captivating adventures for us in mind.

Slap/spanking: Should I spank you? A little smack can definitely be arousing. And when you have gotten use to the smack, I’ll introduce you to its escalated forms.

Submission: I don’t like to repeat myself. SIT!

Toys: You’ll be delightfully surprised at the furnishings in my Redroom.

Training: I own a very classy and expensive whip. It will be put to use when you do not do what I want.

T6: Call me—and find out what this is . . .  

Vanilla/flower sex: Forget it! NOW!

Verbal-erotic: How does f*** sound when I whisper it in your ear? 



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