The elaborately made-up faces are part of the costumes. And every STARLIGHT EXPRESS actor does his own make-up. They learn the proper techniques from specially trained make-up artists who first do one side of the face and then the actor does the other side. Depending on the role, the make-up can take up to two hours to apply. The wigs are also produced by the make-up artists. They are woven by hand, then cut and coiffed, and finally tailored to the actor for a perfect fit.


The costumes for the STARLIGHT EXPRESS actors are produced meticulously by hand. Twenty employees in the theater’s own tailor shop are at work, among other things, sewing studs and sequins on the costumes by hand. The costume department is supported by the scenic designers. For example, they airbrush the little sewn-on rubber wheels and bumpers to give them the typical railroad look. The costumes weigh up to 18 kilos each. With the help of so-called dressers, the actors transform themselves into train cars before the show begins.

Skate Department

During rehearsals, the actors are skating on their roller skates for up to 10 hours. Skate mechanics ensure that the skate shoes fit like a glove. Each roller skate consists of 146 separate parts and are fitted individually. During the show, the mechanics are on duty behind the scenes to replace wheels, toe stops, heel brakes, and axels with lightening speed. The pyrotechnic effects, e.g., Greaseball’s roller skates, are controlled by the mechanics and ignited by remote control.


One of Germany’s most elaborate lighting systems is integrated into the STARLIGHT EXPRESS Theater. It provides the unique stage lighting atmosphere. A dazzling and spectacular starry night sky is created by innumerable points of light above the stage. 800 spotlights and 60 mood-setting lights are used to constantly change the face of the stage. 840 fluorescent lamps set into the floor transform the skating track into train tracks. Two lasers and a fog machine conjure up a unique canopy of the nighttime sky.

Sound and Orchestra

Sound and Orchestra. Awesome singers and unique songs blend together in STARLIGHT EXPRESS to make an unforgettable musical experience. Before the show, the sound technicians check the complete system and each actor is given his or her own microphone headset. The 40,000 watt sound system fills the auditorium with an outstanding sound quality. When the show is on, the sound specialists synchronously mix the appropriate sound effects on a keyboard, making the race on wheels a spectacular experience. 

Stage Mechanics

Stage Mechanics. In order that the STARLIGHT EXPRESS can take off and race along at the speed it does in every show, the elaborate stage machinery must function flawlessly. To make sure, every technical detail is thoroughly checked before each show. After all, the actors are skating up to 60 kilometers per hour around the stage. The heart of the stage is the nine-ton bridge that can be rotated in any direction. Stagehands behind the scenes make certain everything runs smoothly, ensuring a perfect show.


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