The Admiralspalast Theater


The traditional house on the Friedrichstraße has emerged as one of the most significant cultural hot spots in the capital. A place that bows respectfully to the history and offers a home to each type of event. The diversity of the program is also reflected in the special locations of the Admiralspalast.

With a keen sense of the history of the building in mind, a finely balanced interplay between traditional and modern was sought and found. 

Whether in its glamorous Grand Hall or in the somewhat smaller Studio and F101, the building engulfs both performers and audience alike in its special atmosphere.


The Grand Hall
, with its two balconies and massive chandelier, is the heart of the Admiralspalast. The Grand Hall is noteworthy for its versatility. Every type of event is conceivable here, from theater productions, gala events, and award ceremonies to rock and pop concerts and special events.

The parquet seating, mounted on air bearings, can disappear under the balcony, creating space for any seating arrangement desired. Both the traditional and the modern are reflected in the open stairway that connects the balconies and historical foyers with each other, creating additional space. 


The Studio
 on the fourth floor of the Admiralspalast is accessed through the historical inner courtyard. Equipped with a height-adjustable platform stage, the room can be converted from a theater into an open, seatless hall. Besides theatrical performances, readings, comedy shows, and presentations can be held here.

The foyer is a special attraction; all in white, it is notable for its blending of modern and art déco. The Studio’s foyer has a separate bar area and can also be used, or used additionally, for receptions.        


F101 is the Admiralspalast‘s small theatre hall. This performance space is located on the 3rd floor and is suited for every kind of show. Through the large, wide-lattice windows one is treated to a view through the courtyard and onto the Friedrichstrasse train station. Whether utilized for its gala, stage show or lounge flair, in the 101 up to 200 people can relax together in the centre of the German capital.